Pre-AICE Program

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Pre-AICE Program

The Cambridge AICE program allows students to earn college credits while in high school. Middle school students who are planning to be a part of the high school AICE program will take Pre AICE classes in middle school to prepare them for the rigor of the high school classes. 

You can find out more about the AICE program by visiting the AICE-USA website to see the extent of the program. For Pre-AICE enrollment or if you have any questions, please contact Merlinda Bennett ([email protected]). Please note: If you are already enrolled in the Pre-AICE program at another middle school, you will be automatically enrolled when you transfer to Water Spring Middle School.

Cambridge Core Curriculum


6th Grade Adv


Math 2 Adv

Math 2 Cambridge Lower Secondary


Pre-AICE Math 1*

(Algebra 1 Honors)

Math 3 Cambridge Lower Secondary


Pre-AICE Math 2*

(Geometry Honors)


Science 1 Cambridge Lower Secondary


Life Science Adv

Science 2 Cambridge Lower Secondary


Earth/Space Science Honors*

Science 3 Cambridge Lower Secondary


Physical Science Honors*



English 1 Cambridge Lower Secondary

English 2 Cambridge Lower Secondary

English 3 Cambridge Lower Secondary



World History Adv

Civics Adv

US History Adv


Possible Electives

Band Orchestra
Chorus Art
Pre-AICE Spanish 1* Pre-AICE Spanish 2*
Pre-AICE French 1*  Engineering
Global Perspectives Physical Education

IT/CTE (Computers)*

college credit/industry certification


*High School Credit Course

Rigor and Flexibility

Cambridge students are required to take the advanced core courses, but then have the flexibility to choose the three electives that best fit their interests and future goals. Core classes are taught with an investigative approach to encourage critical thinking and problem solving.

Global Perspectives

Part of the Cambridge curriculum is broadening students’ perspective to a global world. Students in the Cambridge Academy have the opportunity to participate in community nights, service projects, field trips, and earning opportunities that expand the learning outside of the classroom.