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Welcome to Water Spring Middle School

Photo of Principal Sanchez Corona

Water Spring Middle School is one of the most unique schools to ever be formed in Orange County Public Schools. Not only were we established two years before our actual building was ready, but we started as a new school on a new high school campus (Horizon High School). We would have a different bell schedule, different buses, and our own staff. This had never been done before, and we were charged with creating the template.

We had a small staff but were mighty in school spirit. We crafted our culture and climate and created new traditions. We were a school at a temporary home, and we thrived. We established our shared identity and values. Go Wildcats! became our instant chant and battle cry. We were established.

Now, as we get ready to transition to our new school building, we no longer feel like we are a new school. We have solidified the foundation of who we are and are now moving that foundation to a new home. As we begin to leave our temporary den, we are reminded of our trials, tribulations, and numerous victories. We are no longer a new school; Water Spring Middle School is an established community school. We cannot wait to see what each new day offers! Go Wildcats!

School & Office Hours

School Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 9:30AM-4:04PM
Wednesday: 9:30AM-2:54PM

Students will not be released within 30 minutes of dismissal time.

Office Hours:



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