FAQ's for Athletics

Athletics FAQ's


What does my child need to bring to tryouts?

Every student will need to dress according to the specific sport and bring proper personal equipment (for example: shin guards, mouth guards, knee pads, etc.) The school will distribute jerseys for team members to wear during the season.


Does my student need to have prior experience?

Middle school athletics is highly competitive. Each student should be aware that they will be in competition with others who may have prior experience. The coach will choose those who will best benefit the team.


Does my child have to attend all three days of tryouts?

Yes. During tryout days, coaches evaluate and make cuts.


Where can I find the physical form?

The OCPS Required Physical Packet can be found on our website.  Health Department forms are unfortunately not accepted.  All signatures by the doctor performing the athletic physical as well as the student-athletes guardians must be on the OCPS Sports Physical Packet paperwork.


Can my child participate without the physical form being turned in?

Unfortunately no. This is an OCPS policy and it protects the student, coaches, and school.


What time/days per week are practices?

Practice times and the number of practices are determined by each individual coach and will be communicated when the tryout dates and times are finalized and sent out. Due to utilizing athletic space on our campus, some practices may take place before school (7:00 am – 9:00 am) or after the school day (4:30 pm – 6:30 pm).


Who do I turn the physical form in to?

The forms can be turned in to the front office, your child’s PE teacher, or the Athletic Director.


Do I need to turn in a new physical packet for each sport?

No. The physical is good for 365 days after the date displayed on the physical signed by the doctor.


How will my child know when tryouts will take place?

As the time frame for the sport approaches, tryouts will be announced at school in the mornings and afternoons, will be placed on our school’s social media pages, and will be emailed out via an all-school email blast.  Families also can always email the Athletic Director for further information and/or clarification.