Bus Information

Bus Information

Bus transportation is provided for students who live farther than two miles from the school. You can use the link below to find the bus trip number, bus stop, and pickup time for your student.

To ride the bus for the 2024-25 school year, you will need to register your child in Skyward in the Parent Portal.  Look for the online forms in the left hand navigation pane.  Only registered students will be allowed to ride the bus.  Please allow 4-5 days after registration for bus service to begin.  

Information regarding the registration process can be found here.

Confirmation of bus service, and information regarding routes and times, can be found by accessing the E-link service.

IMPORTANT: When you are entering the street name, enter only the street name. Do not include any suffixes, such as "street," "road," or any abbreviations.

For example, for 10390 Seidel Road, you would only enter seidel for the street:


 Image that shows an example of entering the street name

Go to the Find a Bus application on the OCPS website.